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A proposal was introduced, by Legionnaire, Tom Regan on September 11, 2012; at Albany, NY's Joseph E. Zaloga American Legion Post 1520. This project is called, "Operation: Please Remember Me".

We will HONOR those Capital Region Veterans, who served in World War II to the present "Overseas Operations" AND who paid the supreme sacrifice, their lives for our freedom.

Flags will be raised on 120 utility poles, with solar lights from Memorial Day to July 4th, each year. On, May 18, 2013, at 12 Noon, the First Annual Observance for these HEROES; a motorcade procession of vehicles and Veteran bikers from local organizations; led by the Gold Star Mothers, Fathers and Gold Star Family Members, will proceed along Route 9 (originally known as, "The Military Highway"), for four miles, to view this wonderful and patriotic sight. Honor Guards from local organizations and schools, will man each post. This will ...

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About pleaserememberme

This is a COMMUNITY effort and EVERYONE may show their support by contributing to this project!

On May 18, the Gold Star Mother & Family Motorcade Procession was very successful; in honoring and remembering those 1,207 veterans from the Capital Region. These men & women, made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom.


Presently, we're accepting DONATIONS for the Albany County Vietnam Memorial; which is in need of repairs. We will Re-dedicated this Memorial, when completed.

NOTE: some employers have a "Matching Gifts Program"; you may make your donation at any Trustco Bank Branch; for "Please Remember Me Funds" or mail checks to: Trustco Bank, Newton Plaza Office, 602 New Loudon Rd; Latham, NY 12110. If, you mail to either (1) Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans, P.O. Box 11100, Albany, NY 12211; or to (2) Gene Loparco, Secr'ty- Treas., 22 Furlong Dr.; Albany, NY 12205 - you will receive a Thank You letter, with our Tax #, for your 2013 Taxes. Trustco Bank, will only give you a "Teller Receipt".

The photos that are located after the written material: 1) MAY 7th's Program for the Blessing of the Flags & Proclamation Night" - 2) Everett Rd view with Flag Bearers and 3) Color Guard in the Joseph E. Zaloga American Legion Post 1520. 4) On MAY 10th, National Grid's Crew prior to the raising of the 120+ flags on Route 9; at 3am and 5) the raising the first flag.6) MAY18th's Program for the Gold Star Family Motorcade Procession, 7) the start; 8) Siena ROTC and Gene saluting in return; 9) Capt. Wm. D. O'Brien Detachment; 10) Shaker Vol Fire Co; 11) Robert L. Weininger VFW Post 8692; 12) Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans;13) view of the Motorcade on Route 155; 14) Gene & Tom; 15) St. Pius X's check ceremony on MAY 30th; 16) Tom giving TCCVEV Pres. Joe Pollicino a check for $5,555.55 for the Rededication of the Albany County Vietnam Memorial project.

LOCAL NEWS photos: 17) At the Opening of the USMC Convention, on June27th; 18) Albany County Executive, Daniel P. McCoy (former Army Sgt., served in the Iraq) - is presented an "Honorary Marine" Certificate by the Capt. Wm. D. O'Brien Detachment's Commandant, Thomas DeMeo. Ceremony on June 28th's Memorial Service.19) On June 29th, Memorial Service photos for 4 Watervliet HS classmates who died in Vietnam, within 13 months apart. 20) Linda Loparco, holding our, "Please Remember Me" flag and 21) a "Blast for the Past" volley. 22) Our Summer White hat AND Our Winter Blue Hat; may be purchased for a veteran or for yourself - just call us. ALL proceeds go to the Vietnam Memorial rededication Fund. 23) Please Remember Me's business card, with Telephone Numbers to call Tom or Gene for volunteering for the 2013 Veteran Day's Parade (on Nov. 11th) - FLAG BEARERS, drivers or assisting in other ways. We will meet, at 10:15am, at the Partridge Street & Central Avenue intersection. FIRST COME - FIRST SERVE basis for carrying the flags. Call Tom Regan (518) 229-3182 OR Gene Loparco (518) 265-0242......or email GENE at: PleaseRememberMe2012@yahoo.com

The FOLLOWING are 4 Links of Veterans Organizations:

(1) American Legion = http://ZalogaPost1520.org

(2) US Marines = http://mcleague.com/mdp/userpages/Capt_Wm_Dale_Obrien-676.php

(3) Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans = http://tccvev.com

(4) Robert L. Weininger Memorial Post - Colonie VFW Post 8692 = http://www.fvfwpost8692.com

FUNDRAISER: Buy your tickets for Nov. 23rd's SIXTIES ROCK EXPERIENCE at Proctors (Schenectady). Cost is $35 and TCCVEV receives a $15 donation, when purchased through TCCVEV.....money goes to the VN Veterans Memorial Fund. Check out the TCCVEV's website for more details.

Additional INFO: 1) U.S.S. Slater DE 766 (Destroyer Escort Historical Museum; located in Downtown Albany - on the Hudson River = http://www.ussslater.org

REMINDER: Check out our other Website: PleaseRememberMe.US and ck out my FACEBOOK site for more photos. ADD, Gene Loparco, as your friend.

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