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A proposal was introduced, by Tom Regan on September 11, 2012; at the Joseph E. Zaloga American Legion Post 1520's Gen'L Mtg in Albany, NY. Gene Loparco joined & partnered with fellow Legionnaire, Tom, on this worthwhile project. Named, "Operation: Please Remember Me", we had one GOAL.....to Honor & Remember those veterans that made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom. We know that freedom is never free - they will not be forgotten. As of 1/1/2019, there are over 1,900 Capital Region men and women, who died since World War 1.

Also, as of January 1, 2019; we are now known as, "Please Remember Me Foundation"; a 501 (c) (3); Non-Profit trust fund, through the kindness and support of TrustCo Bank. Same GOAL.....to Honor & Remember Veterans, who died for our freedom. A SPECIAL "Thank You" to Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans' President, Joe Pollicino & membership, for welcoming us "under their wings", for the past 6 years.

History: The "Community", was present at 5/7/13's Blessing of the 125 Flags; & on

5/18/13, at the First Annual Gold Star Family Motorcade Procession, at 12 Noon

(started at Comedy Works Parking Lot ), on (Northern Blvd. (“Henry Johnson Blvd.”), opposite Memorial Hospital) & proceeded along Route 9 (originally known as, "The Military Highway"), a 4 mile journey thru Loudonville & Latham, to view these wonderful flags - a patriotic sight. (Flags were raised by National Grid on utility Poles. Presently, there are 153 displayed from early May to late July). Honor

Guards from local organizations & schools, will man each post. Note:May 14, 2016

was our 4th Annual Gold Star Mothers & Families Motorcade; & last motorcade.

There were many events & the GSM's were very busy. Maybe, in the future; the motorcade could be continued. Thank You and God Bless America!

PHOTOS: Our LOGO photo of the flag with the Black Mourning Ribbon. 1) Our news articles from Spotlight (Colonie) & Times Union. 2) Everett Rd view with Flag Bearers, on the "Blessing & Proclamation" Evening and 3) Color Guard in the Joseph E. Zaloga American Legion Post 1520. 4) On 5/10/13, National Grid's Crew prior to the raising of the 120+ flags on Route 9; at 3am and 5) the raising the first flag. 6) 5/18/13's Program for the Gold Star Family Motorcade Procession, 7) the start from Comedy Works, on 5/13/13; 8) Mohawk Battalion ROTC,. at Siena Campus and Gene saluting in return; 9) the Capt. Wm. Dale O'Brien MCL 241 Detachment; 10) Robert L. Weininger VFW Post 8692 (Colonie); 11) the Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans; 12) Gene's photographic view of the Motorcade on Route 155; 13) Gene & Tom; 14) Linda Loparco, holding a, "Please Remember Me" flag & wearing our Summer hat, Watervliet's St. Patrick's Cemetery on 6/27/13 and 15) Please, CONTACT us & leave a message!

REMINDER: GO visit our other Website: PleaseRememberMe.US for other INFO. Also, check out Gene's FACEBOOK site for photos. Please, add: Gene Loparco - as your Facebook friend, to view future photos & events. Email me, Gene Loparco at loparco8888@yahoo.com - Peace and Thank You.

NOTE: You may make a donation at any TrustCo Bank Branch; for "Please

Remember Me FOUNDATION" or mail your check to: Gene Loparco, Secretary-Treasurer, 22 Furlong Dr.; Albany, NY 12205. You will receive a “Thank You” letter from Gene and TrustCo Bank will give you a "Teller's Receipt".

Albany's Veterans Day Parade: call Tom (518) 229-3182 or Gene (518) 265-0242 for volunteering to be a“Flag Bearer”. We'll meet, at 10 AM, at Partridge St. and Central Ave. intersection (opposite Burger King). Everyone is Welcome to join us.

The FOLLOWING are LINKS or FACEBOOK sites for Veterans Organizations:

(1) American Legion = http://ZalogaPost1520.org

(2) US Marines = http://mcleague.com/mdp/userpages/Capt_Wm_Dale_Obrien-676.php

(3) Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans = http://tccvev.com

(4) Robert L. Weininger Memorial Post VFW (Colonie) Post 8692 = http://www.fvfwpost8692.com

(5) AMVETS 35 NY = Facebook

(6) Capital Region of NY - Veterans' News = Facebook

Nat'L Grid's Crew on 5/10/13
Caught in the Moment
Gene Loparco & Tom Regan

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